CLEARSTEM Skincare was founded in 2017 by two women, Danielle Gronich & Kayleigh Christina. Connecting over their mutual passion for holistic health, the two dove into the clinical research together to uncover the nasty truth about conventional skincare for acne + aging: most acne products contain toxic, hormone disrupting ingredients, while products that target aging are full of pore-clogging fillers. Determined to deliver a safer, more effective alternative to traditional skincare, Kayleigh + Danielle joined forces to formulate CLEARSTEM - the first toxin-free brand that targets both acne + aging at the same time. There’s a reason that CLEARSTEM’s all-star lineup keeps winning award after award. If you’re ready to get rid of breakouts and prevent premature aging - without the toxic skin irritants + pore-clogging ingredients - then CLEARSTEM is for you!