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Meet Daily Basics, our Signature Foundations Formula aka your new favorite delicious beverage boost that does not contain any chemicals, gums, natural flavors, or fake sweeteners that are so commonly found in other creamers or powders, and is packed with some amazing nutrients!

Daily Basics is a delicious cream powder that adds a subtle, yet perfect velvety flavor profile to your morning cup of coffee, tea, or smoothie, all while providing you with some of the most needed, daily, basic nutrients. We wanted to create a simple foundational nutrient blend and creamer all in one for everyday support and wellness. Brilliant right? We think so!

This formula is thoughtfully blended with A, D, E and K, your fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and an amino acid. Selenium is a key nutrient needed for optimal thyroid function. Taurine has been studied for its positive effects on improving fat digestion by its effects on bile, enhancing absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins alongside the coconut in the formula. And lastly, Inositol, one of our favorite nutrients, also found in Drainage Essentials and Be Happy B's, offers a host of benefits including blood sugar balance support to offset cortisol spikes from caffeine. 

And of course, the base and star of the show, a delicious and organic coconut milk powder free of any junk or fillers. Not only does it offer a velvety and smooth flavor profile that helps reduce the bitterness of coffee...your immune system, thyroid, brain, and cells will thank you.

Our personal favorite way to use Daily Basics is by adding it to a warm (not too hot) cup of coffee or tea or even blended into a smoothie. Take it up a notch and create an amazing latte by adding our Daily Basics cream powder to a cup of coffee with a little butter or ghee, collagen or protein powder, a splash of milk, maybe a little Madagascar vanilla and blend it up with a hand frother!

Suggested Usage:

2 rounded scoops or approximately 2 tsp per serving in your favorite beverage daily or as needed, unless otherwise specified by your healthcare professional. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your care provider before use.

159 g

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